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  • The Versatility of Beautifeye Coloured Contact Lenses

    There are many reasons why anyone would want to invest in fashion coloured contacts. You might want a different appearance, you might want to do something fun and frivolous or you might want to send out a message to those that see you wearing these lenses. When you do so, there are many different brands, styles and designs that you can select from. Beautifeye Coloured Contacts will, in most cases, have all of the different and unique styles that you desire and are a great place to check when you decide that it is time to get some of these lenses for your accessories. 300 x 250

    Colours and Tones

    There is really not much that you can’t get when you are looking at colours for your next set of contacts. The array of colours is abundant and this makes it that much easier for you to select the lenses that are right for you. You will want to select colours that are appropriate for you, your colouring, the event or outfit you plan on wearing them with (if you know) as well as the design that might look best on you or for the event you are attending.

    When you look for fashion contact lenses you will want to determine just how complex you want the lens to be. If you are looking for simplicity and colours that will just give you a bit of a change of pace, you might want to consider one tone coloured contact lenses. This style of lens features one colour and in many cases these are just changes to your eye colour, think of them as your change of pace. You are naturally blue and you feel like brown, or green or hazel, the one colour lens is what you want and will suit you fine.

    Beautifeye Beautifeye Coloured Contact Lenses

    If you’re feeling a bit more daring, consider the Beautifeye coloured contacts that are two or three tone in nature. These lenses tend to be bolder and stand out more. They are the statement makers. You will be much more noticed and observed if you try these lenses. Most times this style uses a few shades of one primary colour and then an off-setting colour to complete the picture. These often come with detailed outlines around the rim of the lenses as well. For fashion coloured contacts, the two and three toned are the ones that tend to be more colourful and complex.

    Design coloured contact lenses have many attributes. They not only change your eye colour and give you a different look and feel, but they also allow you to step out of your comfort zone and become something you’re not, even if it’s just for a day. The Beautifeye coloured contacts brand is one of the most well respected brands for this type of accessory and has more than just a few contacts to consider. The variety, options and colour combinations that they offer will make it very easy for you to pick and choose the ones that will be right for you.

  • Edit Big Eye Range Contacts Offer More Than Just Big Eyes

    One of the great mysteries in life is how to attain that big, bold eye look that rock stars and movie icons are famous at capturing. Fashion coloured contact lenses have taken us to new heights with the variety and impact of the different lenses that are now available. For those of us that simply want to add a little something to our look the Edit Big Eye Contact Lenses collection affords us the opportunity to get that big eyed look that so many of us crave. In fact, they have so many different design coloured contacts that we have more options than ever before.

    Blue-Big-Eye-Lenses Big Eye Blue Contact Lenses

    The Big Eye Range Contact Lenses are developed in such a way, that the lens itself is designed to accentuate you eye and make it appear bigger. The colours, designs and style of the brand is specifically put together to maximize how big your eyes will appear. In addition, another plus to consider is the variety of Big Eyes options that you have to choose from at any given time. Not only will your eyes appear bigger, but you will have enough different options to assure that regardless of what you are trying to match, you will have a matching pair of coloured contact lenses to go along for the ride.

    Colours Abound

    There are many colours in the collection to begin with so if you have a favorite colour you will likely find it amongst the options. There are the Butterfly Aqua Contact Lenses which have a number of colours within them such as the aqua design, black and some brown. The design in these is very distinctive and dressy.

    If you are more of a blue person you have many choices such as the Big Eye Range Twinkle Eye Black Contact Lenses or the Cool Blue Big Eye Contact Lenses. Even the Butterfly Blue Contact Lenses would satisfy the blue lover. All of these design contacts have different styles within them, making each pair unique in their own way.

    Of course, not to be outdone, green is a pretty popular colour with the Big Eye Range of contacts and you will also find grey, honey, hazel and violet. So depending on what you are looking for, there is a pretty good likelihood that you will be successful in finding it, and more importantly, in really liking what you get in return.

    Blue Big Eye Lenses Big Eye Blue Contact Lenses

    One of the reasons the Edit Big Eye Coloured Contacts pop out so nicely in your eyes is the thick black outline that is dominant for all these lenses. The outline helps to focus on the colour and design within the lens and is very instrumental in pulling the whole lens together. It is a very effective way to accentuate the full design of this lens type.

    If you want to have that big, wide eyed appearance you will find that this collection is probably exactly what is needed. Next time you are looking for something to stand out and call attention to your eyes, the Big Eyes Range might be exactly what you need.

  • Versatile 3 Toned Coloured Contact Lenses

    There are many types of coloured contact lenses available. Each style of contact lens can be specific to a certain event (such as Halloween), or worn on a daily basis– or even both! When you need a versatile contact lens, that you can wear to work, and out to dinner our 3 tone coloured contact lenses are the perfect choice. These lenses will highlight your eyes, due to their eye catching three toned effect.

    Emerald Green Coloured Contact Lenses 30 Day3 tone coloured contact lenses have one main colour, and two additional complimentary colours that feature throughout the lens, and which are then framed by a thick black outline. The dark outer edge of the lenses will make your eyes the center of attention, as it will enhance the colour of the lenses. Due to three tonal effect, you can wear these lenses with a variety of different outfits, as they will compliment almost anything you wear.

    These 3 tone coloured contact lenses are 30 day contact lenses. Which means that once opened, you can wear these for a total of 30 days. They're a great option, for those who like to wear contact lenses on a daily basis. These contacts are also convenient because they come in a selection of different colours– which is an added benefit for all you fashionistas out there! These lenses are available in golden brown,  violet, emerald green, and many more. You will never have to worry about finding the right colour match again, because they are all covered in this range of contact lenses!

    A customer favourite is our violet splash coloured contact lenses, due to their unique and unusual use of colour. The violet colour tones in these lenses is prominent throughout the lens, and it is a nice and clear, bright violet colour that really stands out.

    Coloured contact lenses should be used to enhance every other aspects of yourself, and our 3 tone coloured contact lenses will do just that.

  • Neon Coloured Contact Lenses

    Become the life and soul of the party with our neon coloured contact lenses! Whether you're going to a rave, party, or just want to experiment with fashion, UV coloured contact lenses are a great choice, as they'll have head turning your way.

    Bright Red Coloured Contact Lenses;

    derek hale alpha contact lenses

    Our ColourVue red UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses will glow an eerie red colour, both under dark and UV coloured light. Making them the ideal Halloween costume accessory– for a vampire, or werewolf fancy dress costume!

    ColourVue red UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear, due to their high water content. The lenses have a life span of 1 year once opened, and provide exceptional comfort thought the day. Perfect for dark and light coloured eyes. These lenses are ideal for cosplaying your favourite anime, TV, or film character, such as Derek Hale from Teen Wolf; Alpha Derek's eyes flash a brilliant red.

    Barbie Pink Glow Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Wear these ColourVue pink UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses, and become plastic fantastic!

    These contact lenses are for those of you who love everything pink. Nicki Minaj would absolutely love these lenses! The lenses can be worn as many times as you like over a 1 year period. Which means you'll get plenty of wear out of them– making them really worth their price of £17.99.

    Biohazard UV Coloured Contact Lenses;


    Step up your game with our amazing novelty UV biohazard coloured contact lenses!

    Create a toxic appearance with these UV biohazard coloured contact lenses. These lenses have a vibrant yellow and black biohazard symbol design, that glows super-bright in UV light. The effect of these lenses is incredible! Your eyes will feel fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long, whilst you're wearing these contacts!

    View our full range of coloured contact lenses at our website, Where we stock a full range of fashion contact lenses and cosplay coloured contact lenses, along with various cosmetics!

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