Versatile 3 Toned Coloured Contact Lenses

There are many types of coloured contact lenses available. Each style of contact lens can be specific to a certain event (such as Halloween), or worn on a daily basis– or even both! When you need a versatile contact lens, that you can wear to work, and out to dinner our 3 tone coloured contact lenses are the perfect choice. These lenses will highlight your eyes, due to their eye catching three toned effect.

Emerald Green Coloured Contact Lenses 30 Day3 tone coloured contact lenses have one main colour, and two additional complimentary colours that feature throughout the lens, and which are then framed by a thick black outline. The dark outer edge of the lenses will make your eyes the center of attention, as it will enhance the colour of the lenses. Due to three tonal effect, you can wear these lenses with a variety of different outfits, as they will compliment almost anything you wear.

These 3 tone coloured contact lenses are 30 day contact lenses. Which means that once opened, you can wear these for a total of 30 days. They're a great option, for those who like to wear contact lenses on a daily basis. These contacts are also convenient because they come in a selection of different colours– which is an added benefit for all you fashionistas out there! These lenses are available in golden brown,  violet, emerald green, and many more. You will never have to worry about finding the right colour match again, because they are all covered in this range of contact lenses!

A customer favourite is our violet splash coloured contact lenses, due to their unique and unusual use of colour. The violet colour tones in these lenses is prominent throughout the lens, and it is a nice and clear, bright violet colour that really stands out.

Coloured contact lenses should be used to enhance every other aspects of yourself, and our 3 tone coloured contact lenses will do just that.

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