Neon Coloured Contact Lenses

Become the life and soul of the party with our neon coloured contact lenses! Whether you're going to a rave, party, or just want to experiment with fashion, UV coloured contact lenses are a great choice, as they'll have head turning your way.

Bright Red Coloured Contact Lenses;

derek hale alpha contact lenses

Our ColourVue red UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses will glow an eerie red colour, both under dark and UV coloured light. Making them the ideal Halloween costume accessory– for a vampire, or werewolf fancy dress costume!

ColourVue red UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear, due to their high water content. The lenses have a life span of 1 year once opened, and provide exceptional comfort thought the day. Perfect for dark and light coloured eyes. These lenses are ideal for cosplaying your favourite anime, TV, or film character, such as Derek Hale from Teen Wolf; Alpha Derek's eyes flash a brilliant red.

Barbie Pink Glow Coloured Contact Lenses;

Wear these ColourVue pink UV glow crazy coloured contact lenses, and become plastic fantastic!

These contact lenses are for those of you who love everything pink. Nicki Minaj would absolutely love these lenses! The lenses can be worn as many times as you like over a 1 year period. Which means you'll get plenty of wear out of them– making them really worth their price of £17.99.

Biohazard UV Coloured Contact Lenses;


Step up your game with our amazing novelty UV biohazard coloured contact lenses!

Create a toxic appearance with these UV biohazard coloured contact lenses. These lenses have a vibrant yellow and black biohazard symbol design, that glows super-bright in UV light. The effect of these lenses is incredible! Your eyes will feel fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long, whilst you're wearing these contacts!

View our full range of coloured contact lenses at our website, Where we stock a full range of fashion contact lenses and cosplay coloured contact lenses, along with various cosmetics!

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